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BlueprintEntCoversGet actionable content from successful entrepreneurs.

Our best readers are smart entrepreneurs that don’t need promises of big dollars or great lifestyle without hard work:

  • They know what to implement to grow their business but not how,
  • They’ve researched the topics on how-to but got no specific actionable guidance,
  • They have a lack of support from any real entrepreneurs with experience in the area, and
  • They are desperate to get guidance with real strategies that they can adapt to their business.

Want The Real Story Of Successful Entrepreneurs?

If you have problems with knowing what to do next and want the real story behind successful entrepreneurs, we can show you the hard work, struggles and real actionable steps entrepreneurs have used to grow their business.

How We Create Value For You

We can do this because we research, interview and dig deep into what entrepreneurs like Andrew Warner, Steve Kamb, Ann Rea, Franco Varriano and Ramsay Taplin are great at. We spend 10-20+ hours each time to create a valuable written step by step actionable guide that you are motivated and trust to implement in your business.


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You get the strategies successful entrepreneurs actually use. Get the strategies from the best entrepreneurs without paying $100+/hr consulting fees, $1000+ courses or worse, get stuck for days or even months trying to figure it out on your own.

Don’t go through hours of podcasts and videos just to miss out on key points, not understand what resources they mention, or go through dozens of spammy incoherent SEO written articles online. Get actionable content you can use to grow your business.


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